Do you have the uncontrollable tendency to

drum and tap when you hear music and

you also can't sit still?

You know what it is! The drum virus 

is in your blood.. Convince your parents. 

Time for Drumlessons!

Drumming just seems fun and very cool.

Time for Drumlessons!

Are you playing in a band and you are stuck? 

Do your fellow musicians complain about ear pain, fatigue and dizziness? Do they ask you if you know any more drummers? Or do you just want to get even better?

Time for Drumlessons!

Do you work hard, do you have a busy family life.

Almost having a burnout? Do you need an exhaust valve or something for yourself? 

Time for Drumlessons!

Every year my pupils perform with a live band! Always a spectacular show and Moreover, a super fun experience!



Watch the Fotopage or our YouTube Chanel and enjoy the nicest and most enjoyable cultural event of Amstelveen and its surroundings.                                    


The lessons are given by: